The spirit of the child


“To keep the childhood spirit alive within oneself means to preserve a curiosity to learn, a pleasure for understanding, the desire to communicate.”. Bruno Munari, 1986

ANFA’s products wish to spark children’s excitement and innate curiosity, entertain them while they learn and to provide them with tools to express themselves.

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults”, Munari often repeated.

ANFA’s interest in childhood reflects the thoughts of Bruno Munari, expressed through his words: “Not being able to change adults, I have chosen to work on children so that they may develop into better ones. It is a revolutionary strategy to work on and with children as future men and women”.. ANFA shares the aspiration of Bruno Munari and consists in promoting a society made up of creative and non-repetitive people, accompanying children through their growth with customizable products.

The Child is father of the Man (William Wordsworth,The Rainbow, 1802)

ANFA ultimately wants to play a part in influencing humans to be happy, healthy and to care about nature and the environment.
We believe that the best place to start is through children, parents and caregivers.

We also want to share the notion that childhood and innocence should be celebrated and protected: we should help children be children and keep the child alive in all of us.

As parents and caregivers we learn so much about the world through our children, and vice versa. By stimulating curiosity and imagination, we hope to help our customers and followers to discover fun ways to build stronger relationships with their children, while helping them get through some of the challenges that come with parenting.