HAPPY lamp shell


Shell made of recyclable PE (polyethylene) in neutral/white.


1.7 Watt RGB LED light module powered by rechargeable battery, including adapter and infrared (IR) remote control, with 16 color options and 4 automatic color changing effects


Battery runtime: 6-15 hours - Charging time: 4-6 hours

IP rating: 65, suitable for both indoor & outdoor use

Insulation class: III (SELV type battery charger)


The light module must not be disposed of as urban waste but is subject to separate waste collection. Failure to comply with this rule is sanctioned by law and could cause negative effects on both the environment and human health.


The HAPPY lamp has successfully passed the safe certifications according to the current legislation and bear the CE marking.


Product care instructions: Clean surfaces with a soft damp cloth, if necessary with neutral soap, using gentle circular movements. Do not use abrasive cleaners and ethanol or solvents such as acetone, trichlorethylene or ammonia.

The HAPPY lamp can be used indoors and outdoors but must be stored indoors as storing it outside will result in quicker wear. Never leave outside, because water and moist conditions will result in damage to the HAPPY lamp.


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