Conscious sustainability


Every product is sustainably designed with the intent to spark joy, participation, imagination and creativity.

This is coupled with a strong commitment to artistic expression and functional durability. The selection of materials comes from careful research that has resulted in the primary use of ecological resources. Indeed, the main driver of the design process is creating timeless products that will last for generations.
It is on this principle that ANFA consciously chooses to responsibly use plastics to cause as little environmental impact as possible in compliance with sustainability protocols.

The wood used in our furniture is responsibly and sustainably sourced from FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council) certified forests.
The color composition and pigmentation of wood may vary slightly but will look better with age.

Every product incorporates a single part made with plastic polymers, which are subject to high quality manufacturing processes and can be recycled and regenerated.

Every product has a modular design with easily replaceable parts. We design products that can be easily assembled and dismantled, by choosing screws to bind parts and using little or no glue. We encourage our community to preserve their new product and increase its lifespan by following maintenance instructions and ensure these future heirlooms avoid the landfill for as long as possible.

We work to minimize the creation of waste throughout the manufacturing process: craftsmanship and modern CNC (Computer Numerically Controlled) machines are combined to produce our homeware.

The refined care and expertise of the Italian craftsmen meet the latest advanced technologies that help us keep material waste to a minimum which is so important for the environment. ANFA’s products are available in a small stock and can be made to order.

we consider the impact that our products have and will continue to have on the environment, and we make the sustainable decision to not manufacture our products in large quantities.